Take Control of the Internet, don't Let the Internet Control You!

The internet is a powerful business tool. Unfortunately, the power may often cause spiritual and practical destruction in your home and business. Meshimer ensures that the power is positive and productive by serving you and your business an advanced solution.

Our products are custom tailored to your specific needs. The comprehensive system is designed with you and your business in mind and targets your internet safety concerns.

Our goal is to combine the best in safety and efficiency to enable you to take control of the internet.
Choose from one of our innovative products to find the plan that suits your needs.

  • Home Security

    The enhanced filtering solution for those that absolutely require access at home, Plans are custom designed and...

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  • Business Security

    The customized filtering solution that enables your business to grow in an eficient and secure enviroment, Througn

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  • Mobile Security

    The flexibility a Smartphone provides is often indispensable for your business needs, however, the accessibility...

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